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I had real doubts as to whether it was worth continuing my business. Was I going to admit defeat, throw it all in and go back to working as an employee or would I tough it out and see if I could turn things around.

Each time I meet with Bernadette and throw yet another issue or problem at her she is able to give me a viewpoint that I hadn’t thought of previously.

I have now achieved my goals set in the business plan and also in the goals I set at the beginning of the coaching process, plus I feel much more confident that my business is doing well, as shown by the bottom line

-Mark Jennings, Business Books South West

Bernadette guided me to see that change really can happen in an instant!

If you have something that you ‘like’ doing that you would LOVE to no longer do… then I urge you to do yourself a life changing favour and call Bernadette! RIGHT NOW

-Miranda McKenna, Manager Juice Stretch Tents Western Australia

I wanted to know why I was so tense all the time, getting angry so quickly and why did I feel things were out of control so often.

Before working with Bernadette at Amalfi Coaching, I was being kept awake at night, feeling very stressed all the time. I was causing unpleasant issues for my work colleague’s, creating tension between myself and my husband. I was not feeling able to rely on or trust others. Feeling like things were about to spiral out of control.

Since working with Bernadette I now find that I have no more fights at work or home, no more sleepless nights, joy in my day – everyday. A “lightness” in my self. No more feelings of stress. No more tiredness just from living through a day. I have regained the idea that life is full of wonderful choices and the ability to let go and rely on others without feeling anxious or mistrustful.

-J Waddell, Business Owner

Bernadette’s kind, caring and easygoing nature made our coaching sessions a time for me to look forward to. Her ability to take me on a journey through my thought and behavioural patterns surprised and delighted me. From coaching with Bernadette, I feel I have let go of some habits that were making my life difficult and I have a stronger sense of who I am. Many thanks Bernadette!!

- H Anderson, Western Australia

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